Advantages of Krope’s linings

The plastic linings, manufactured by us and our special technology, are characterized by the following advantages:

- Extremely high density (homogeneity) and stability, through an ideal size
  accuracy and surface quality of the lining. This is achieved through the
  application of well-engineered tools.
- The lining’s fixation (through perforated- and expanded metal plates)
  guarantees an extraordinary high size accuracy in the flow cross-section
  and thereby an extremely high measuring accuracy (calibration).
- The lining’s fixation and homogeneity ensures a safe footing at extreme
  pressure fluctuations during the handling.

Even superheated steam impactings do not affect the high quality of the linings.

Another big advantage of KROPE’S PLASTIC LININGS, except for the attributes mentioned above, is the exceedingly inexpensive price, as well as a very short and dependable delivery!